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Harold S. (Butch) Naquin
Independent Consulting Partner

Harold S. (Butch) Naquin is a retired industrial safety, fire protection, and emergency response professional with more than 45 years of experience. He is an active industrial fire training instructor and also serves as an independent consulting partner working with PetroSafe Technologies, Inc. Mr. Naquin began his career with Citgo Petrochemical Operation in 1967 where he moved thought the job ranks to become a Safety-Fire Supervisor for five years prior to his departure in 1982. In the following years and prior to his retirement in 2003 he served as a Fire Protection Specialist for the U.S. Department of Entergy Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities.

Mr. Naquin is a recognized leader in industrial safety, fire fighting, and emergency response. Over the years, Mr. Naquin has served on corporate fire protection program audit teams and has been responsible for the development, maintenance and oversight of numerous fire-safety and emergency response procedures. Mr. Naquin holds several fire service “Pro-Board” certifications. In addition, he is Certified Associate Instructor by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and a Certified “Master Instructor” for the annual Texas A&M University Industrial Fire Training School. He also currently works as an Adjunct Instructor for the Texas A&M Emergency Services Training Institute.

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