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William O. (Bill) Green
Independent Consulting Partner

William O. (Bill) Green is a retired industrial safety, fire protection, and emergency response professional with more than 37 years of experience. He is an active volunteer fire fighter in Dear Park Texas and also serves as an independent consulting partner working with PetroSafe Technologies, Inc. Mr. Green began his career with Shell Chemical in 1969 where he served as a Senior Safety Specialist until 1986. In 1986, he joined the Dupont Company where he served as a Line Supervisor, Senior Safety Specialist and Fire Chief for nearly eighteen years prior to his retirement in 2004.

Mr. Green is a recognized leader in industrial safety, fire fighting, and emergency response. He developed and revised numerous safety procedures and emergency response guidelines and served on corporate audit teams to certify Emergency Response and Process Safety Management programs at Dupont locations across the United States. Mr. Green holds several emergency response “Pro-Board” certifications and is Certified “Master Instructor” at the annual Texas A&M University Industrial Fire Training School. He also currently works as an Adjunct Instructor for the Texas A&M Emergency Services Training Institude and also for the BEST Emergency Services training complex.

Mr. Green is an active volunteer fire fighter and he serves on the Executive Board of the Deer Park (Texas) Volunteer Fire Department (DPVFD). He also serves as the DPVFD representative and liaison to the Channel Industries Mutual Aid organization, he is an Inspector in the Fire Marshal’s office, and he is receiving training and education required to become a Certified Fire Investigator. In 2004, Mr. Green was selected Firefighter of the Year by the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department and in this same year he was also selected Firefighter of the Year by the Deer Park American Legion.

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