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Retainer Service Agreements

“A PetroSafe ‘retainer service agreement’ provides a safety net for high-level decision makers to help them make the right decisions when faced with the crisis of a complex emergency or disaster. As your partner for success, together we can make better incident management decisions … and we can get it right.”


A “retainer service agreement” with PetroSafe provides a valuable service intended to help facility managers make the best possible decisions. Critical emergency response, emergency preparedness, and incident management concerns can be openly discussed with an experienced and objective outsider who fully understands the firm's goals for profitability and yet has no emotional or political involvement in the Company’s day-to-day operation. Senior facility managers will have access to an unbiased outside professional that offers good balance alongside similar thinking of the management team that may not have the same experience or share the same vision.

The concept and structure of a PetroSafe retainer agreement is fairly simple. For a fixed annual fee, our clients have quick access to the experience, knowledge and skills of a third party professional for a set period of time. Our clients can quickly get a second opinion or specified services related to emergency response, emergency preparedness, or incident management issues of concern. Our clients gain the following added benefits from our retainer contracts:

  • Better quality and politics-free decisions regarding incident management
  • Increased speed of making the right decisions when faced with a crisis
  • Better long-term focus for emergency preparedness
  • Better avoiding expedient actions through preplanning
  • Enhanced discipline, commitment and accountability using NIMS-ICS
  • Enhanced sense of leadership and the ability to produce better results

A PetroSafe retainer agreement can be expanded to include immediate advise, professional guidance and support to the facility management team. Services can be accessed by telephone and when requested, one or more PetroSafe professionals can respond and be on-site within an hour or as quickly as travel to the location will allow.

As established in the scope of work of any retainer agreement, PetroSafe responsibilities can be expanded to include logistics support to secure additional manpower, equipment, and supplies that are needed in a timely manner. PetroSafe can also assemble a team of disaster management professionals to provide ongoing management support services for post-incident recovery operations. This service allows critical facility management staff and other employees to go back to work and resume normal job responsibilities when the emergency phase of an incident is over. We can assist with the development and execution of short and long term recovery plans for restoring and resuming normal operations as soon as possible.



  • Strategic Planning – PetroSafe provides immediate telephone consultation and responds to your site in an emergency to serve in an advisory capacity to your management team. We advise and assist your team in the development strategic plans for controlling, containing, and eventually mitigating the most serious emergency condition. PetroSafe can immediately advise and assist the on-duty Operations Section Chief as necessary to insure safe and effective execution of the tactical operations required to achieve the identified strategic objectives.
  • Logistics Support – PetroSafe supports the ICS Logistic and Finance Sections to secure manpower, equipment, and supplies needed for sustaining emergency response activities. We call upon our extensive network of suppliers and service providers to ensure logistics requirements are carried out in the most cost effective manner. We ensure that our customer is not taken advantage of because of the emergency situation.
  • Post-Incident Recovery - PetroSafe provides management services for post-incident recovery that will allow the critical staff to go back to work and resume normal job responsibilities when the emergency phase of an incident is over. We help our customers develop and execute a cost effective and detailed recovery plan for restoring and resuming normal operations as soon as possible. We become a part of your team and we stay until the job is completed.
  • Emergency Response Program Management – PetroSafe offers a complete package of training services to manage, schedule, provide and track emergency response training for every member of the emergency response organization to develop and maintain the required competencies and ensure compliance with OSHA, EPA and NFPA requirements. We are your partner for ensuring that your emergency response organization receives the quality training they deserve. We are your partner for success.


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