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Optional Programs

Regional Training

At PetroSafe, a key objective of our business plan includes delivering high quality and cost effective industrial emergency response and incident management training programs that will meet the specific needs of our customers. To help us achieve this objective, PetroSafe has introduced the concept of “regional training” programs.

The Challenge
Industrial facilities located in the same geographic area or region often have similar emergency response training needs. However, due to shift rotations and the small number of employees available for training, some of these companies may not be able to individually justify local or on-site training programs to meet these needs.

The Solution
The cost effective solution for meeting training needs under these circumstances is for industrial facilities located in the same general area or region to pull together to address their common training needs. A good example could be annual 8-hour HAZWOPER refresher training. One of the regional facilities can sponsor and schedule the required training on a specific date in each quarter of the year and other regional/partner companies can participate and share in the cost. The training can be offered at the sponsor’s facility or at a mutually convenient location that keeps employees close to home.

The Advantage
The ultimate advantage of the PetroSafe regional training program is the lower costs for training without sacrificing quality. Company or Mutual Aid sponsored regional training programs can virtually eliminate the added cost for traveling to a remote training location or facility. These costs are often a significant part of the annual emergency response training budget. The added advantage and benefit of regional training programs is the training content will be consistent for all participating companies. Consistent and high quality training will enhance regional emergency response planning and improve the utilization of shared resources.

Shared Costs
Cost sharing is simple! The total cost for all PetroSafe regional training programs is set and then equally shared by the participating companies. Registration, payment and cost sharing can be managed by a single company in the group or the group can elect to use the simple PetroSafe web-based online registration, payment and cost sharing program. This program allows participating companies to register up to 10 students with a single entry and credit card payment.

Getting Started
To start regional training in your area, talk about the program with neighboring companies or with you local Mutual Aid organization and then call PetroSafe at 866-642-8318. We will be happy to meet with representatives from your area to discuss the details of our regional training programs. No formal contract is required and we can begin to meet your training needs as soon as a plan and schedule is worked out. Remember, we truly care and we are your partner for providing the quality training that your emergency response organization deserves. We are your partner for success.

Management Services

PetroSafe offers a broad range of services to develop and manage any part of the emergency response, incident management or training program for any individual company or any group of companies:

  • Identify and validate the emergency response needs for each facility
  • Develop a realistic Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan
  • Identify specific emergency response training needs and requirements
  • Develop an Emergency Response Organization and Training Plan
  • Manage, schedule, provide and track emergency response training for every member of the emergency response organization to develop and maintain the required competencies and ensure compliance and with OSHA, EPA and NFPA requirements.