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Since starting business in 2001, PetroSafe has made significant contributions to enhance the emergency response and disaster management capabilities of our customers. Time and time again, our team of industrial professionals has embraced the challenge of assessing compliance and capabilities; developing realistic response plans; and training employees, supervisors and managers to safely and effectively respond to and manage emergencies and disasters that could realistically occur at their facilities. Listed below are a few of the major companies and organizations benefiting from PetroSafe training and consulting services.  The list continues to grow.

  • Valero Energy Corporation
  • ChevronTexaco Corporation
  • Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP)
  • U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • Placid Refining Company
  • Channel Industries Mutual Aid
  • Geismar Area Mutual Aid
  • Lyondell/Equistar Chemicals
  • Amerada Hess Corporation
  • Enterprise Products Partners L.P.
  • Citgo
  • Shell
  • Husky Energy
  • Sasol Chemicals
  • Formosa Chemicals
  • Pasadena Refining
  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Murphy Oil U.S.A.
  • Honeywell
  • Stolthaven Terminals
  • Dow Chemicals
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Nisseki Chemical
  • Alon U.S.A.
  • Houston Marathon
  • Syngenta A.G.
  • Northrop Grumman
  • GB Biosciences
  • Rio Tinto Minerals
  • Georgia Gulf Corporation


It is the goal of PetroSafe to provide cost effective services and deliverables that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  Below is a sampling of the positive comments we have received from our many customers in achieving this goal.

ConocoPhillips Refinery – Wood River, Illinois
“The ConocoPhillips Wood River Refinery has used PetroSafe instructors to conduct incident management training since 2005.  The refinery has used many different contract instructors over the years but we have been especially pleased with the PetroSafe instructors.   The instructors are not only well-versed in incident management but they understand incident management and tactics and strategies from an industrial perspective. The PetroSafe instructor's extensive industrial experience makes them much more credible with our response personnel.  Additionally, we have had the opportunity to partner with Petrosafe to build an ongoing industrial incident management program that allows us to both review key topics and introduce new elements each year.   This helps us provide quality training to leadership personnel at all levels of our response organization.”

Rick Haase, CFO, CEM, CFPS – Emergency Response Coordinator/Fire Chief

Valero – Norco, Louisiana - St. Charles Refinery
“PetroSafe instructors have provided incident command, tactical leadership, and hazardous materials response training and certifications for the Emergency Response Team at the Valero St. Charles Refinery since 2006.  The professionalism and experience that the instructors from PetroSafe have displayed during the training sessions has always exceeded our expectations. PetroSafe has been an integral part of the development of our response organization; especially related to using the NIMS-Incident Command System and understanding the roles, responsibilities and alignment of our Executive Leadership Team in response to complex emergency events.”

Shane Stuntz, Emergency Services Superintendant

Chevron Oronite – Belle Chasse, Louisiana - Oak Point Plant
“Although we are a small facility compared to other Chevron facilities, we train to the same standards and take our emergency response business very seriously. We began using PetroSafe to incorporate the National Incident Management System into our Incident Command structure shortly after changes were made in the aftermath of the Sept 11, 2001 attack on the U.S. It is important to us to get the best training possible because our personnel are not fulltime emergency responders that utilize these procedures on a daily basis.  PetroSafe provides the Incident Command training for our emergency response team, our On-Scene Command staff and our managers that would staff our Emergency Operations Center for a large scale incident. We appreciate the continued support and updated training that PetroSafe provides to keep our personnel prepared.”

Richard Meerman – Safety Specialist and ERT Coordinator

HOVENSA Refinery - St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
“PetroSafe provided an excellent Incident Command System training program for our senior management staff in 2003.  As a result of the excellent response to that training, we contracted with PetroSafe to provide additional ICS training; as well as 40-hour and 24-hour Hazardous Materials Technician level training to meet OSHA 1910.120 requirements.  The industrial experience of the PetroSafe instructors coupled with the high quality of the training programs received high marks from all the participants attending these classes.  Additionally, PetroSafe helped us consolidate, update and revise our Emergency Response Plans to include the concepts and principles of the NIMS-Incident Command System.  We will definitely use PetroSafe for our emergency response training in the future and I would highly recommend PetroSafe to anyone needing quality emergency response training and consulting services.” 

Robert Miller – Fire Chief

GB Biosciences – Greens Bayou Plant – Houston Texas
“In 2010, GB Biosciences (GBB) contracted with PetroSafe to provide a 3 day Leadership Development Program for Industrial Emergency Responders in a plan to prepare 17 seasoned emergency response team members to fill a gap created by a new site organization.

Working with PetroSafe, we tailored and customized their standard program content to meet the specific needs of GBB. While covering the necessary educational material (including NIMS as appropriate for industrial sites), PetroSafe was able to modify their program to allow for multiple table top scenarios developed specifically for GBB’s operational hazards and chemicals. Given a scenario, the participants were divided into 4 person incident management teams. From an isolated location, each team, utilizing radio’s, led the remaining attendees to address their incident. In managing the exercises PetroSafe pushed each incident management team to ensure all priorities and all bases of ICS were addressed. At the conclusion, each participant felt challenged and each of the new Incident Commanders came away feeling better prepared to handle an actual emergency. A written exam at the end of the training demonstrated to each individual how much they had absorbed during the 3 days of training.

I would highly recommend utilizing PetroSafe instructor to prepare any response organization to manage an emergency situation.”

Tommy Archer – Safety Superintendent

Formosa Plastics - Baton Rouge, LA
"PetroSafe has been providing HAZWOPER training at our facility since 2001 and we are extremely pleased with their programs.  The professionals at PetroSafe have years of hands-on industrial experience in emergency response.  This allows instructors to provide examples of real world application of the information and techniques used in response to a release of hazardous material.  Although the information that must be presented in HAZWOPER training is fairly standard, we have found that the teaching style used by PetroSafe instructors keeps the participants actively involved and helps them retain the information presented in the classroom.  Anyone looking for quality training for response to hazardous materials emergencies should contact PetroSafe." 

Rusty Daigle - Safety, Fire and Emergency Response Coordinator

Rio Tinto Minerals - Boron, Wilmington and Valencia CA
“We called on the professionals at PetroSafe to review our Disaster Management and Recovery program and to help us incorporate the concepts and principles of the NIIMS - Incident Command System into our facility Emergency Response Plans.  PetroSafe not only met our requirements, they exceeded our expectations to provide a realistic and user-friendly document that is valuable to our emergency response team, to our senior managers, and to our corporate executives.  PetroSafe has provided special training for our corporate executives and is currently assisting us with ongoing emergency response training and with the planning and execution of our annual emergency and disaster exercise programs at the mining and port facilities." 

Robert Stegal – Safety Manager (Retired)

Placid Refining Company LLC- Port Allen, Louisiana
“Placid Refining Company LLC has used PetroSafe for several years to provide OSHA required HAZWOPER training, as well as NIMS- ICS (Incident Command) training for our response team, for our team leaders and for our senior staff. The results from the instructor led training have proven to be extremely beneficial for our organization. PetroSafe instructors are experienced industrial professionals and their experience in both fire and other areas of emergency response is carried over into their training process. We have been satisfied with the services that PetroSafe has provided and would encourage anyone in the Petro - Chemical/Refining industry - looking for quality training for their work force, to consider PetroSafe Technologies.”

Kenny Carr – Manager of Safety, Security, and Training

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