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Industrial Emergency Response and Disaster Management Professionals

PetroSafe Technologies, Inc., with the aid of a small group of investors, began business in 2001 with new vision, innovative ideas, and a solid business plan for helping industry reduce risk and liability by establishing and maintaining a high level of emergency and disaster preparedness. From the inception, the mission of PetroSafe has been focused to provide the very best industrial safety, security, fire protection, hazmat, rescue, emergency response and disaster management training and consulting services available anywhere in the world.  To achieve this mission, PetroSafe has assembled a diverse team of highly skilled industrial professionals and established business alliances with a select group of companies, agents and manufacturers.  This professional team represents more than 500 years of experience, allowing us to consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. PetroSafe has excelled above the competition to become the preferred choice and the proven leader for establishing and maintaining emergency and disaster preparedness for industry. We are your partner for success.

Bridging the preparedness gap

Because of our experience, PetroSafe has considerable insight and recognizes that many companies are asking a smaller group of managers to do more work with fewer people.  As a result, valuable experience has been lost in the vital fields of safety, security, fire protection, hazmat, rescue, emergency response and disaster management.  Often, managers with multiple responsibilities are placed in positions where they must make critical decisions related to these highly specialized fields.  Through no fault of their own, these managers may not have the experience, the qualifications, or the training required to make those decisions. This knowledge and preparedness gap becomes a safety issue for the facility and a serious legal and liability concern for the Company.  The PetroSafe team offers a broad range of programs, services and support options to help our customers bridge this precarious gap in a cost effective manner.

Measuring Performance to Ensure Success

The experienced PetroSafe team works hand-in-hand with the employees, supervisors and facility managers to review, identify and eliminate risks, weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may ultimately impact business continuity, production goals and the financial stability of the company.  The PetroSafe team evaluates not only the policies, plans, procedures, and programs, we also visually inspect and evaluate the physical elements necessary for protecting company assets, employees, the public and the environment from potential impacts and loss.  We evaluate compliance with recognized regulations, codes, and consensus standards.  We ensure equipment and safety systems purchased and established for protection of the facilities are correctly designed, installed, and suited for the facility hazards.   We ensure preventive maintenance programs and impairment controls are in place to maintain ongoing service and reliability.  We ensure apparatus, equipment, and fire/safety systems will function as designed when they are needed.  In this process, we don’t leave our customers with list of corrective actions and walk away to let them figure out what to do. Our team submits a confidential report to management and when a weakness or vulnerability is discovered, we work closely with the management team to establish realistic and cost effective solutions to correct the identified deficiencies.  PetroSafe recommends a third party assessment of the emergency response and disaster management capabilities of an industrial facility be completed every three years, as a minimum.

Establishing proven incident management concepts

The professionals at PetroSafe are leading experts in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and in applying and using the NIMS-Incident Command System (ICS) for command and control of industrial emergencies. We understand that a catastrophic emergency could seriously impact the ongoing operations, the production and the financial stability of any Company.  PetroSafe knows from experience that quick on-scene response to emergencies by highly skilled, tactically trained and qualified employees and emergency response team personnel can prevent a minor to serious emergency condition from becoming a catastrophic event.  We also know from experience that it is equally important to have a highly trained and qualified management team trained and ready to manage the consequences, as well as the support and recovery activities related to an emergency event. To help our customers achieve these objectives, the PetroSafe team develops realistic emergency response plans; provides focused attention to critical processes; provides comprehensive performance based training programs and; provides valuable tools and job aids to prepare and help the entire emergency response organization safely, effectively and efficiently manage these conditions.  Our specialized NIMS and NIMS-ICS based programs are designed to mold the entire emergency response organization into a highly efficient, highly motivated strike force with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to strike hard, strike fast, and quickly mitigate and recover from the most serious emergency event or disaster. 

Embracing smart business solutions

We are the industrial emergency response and disaster management professionals and your partner for success. Calling on the PetroSafe team to meet the industrial safety, security, fire protection, hazmat, rescue, emergency response and disaster management training and consulting needs of your organization is a cost-effective solution and just smart business!   Please take time to browse our web site.  If you need additional information, just give us a call.  At your request, we can have a PetroSafe representative visit your facility to discuss your needs and provide additional details regarding our services.

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